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Terms and Conditions

Terms of Business

By placing the order you are agreeing to the terms of business and understand that the ownership of goods remains with Dixon’s Glass & Shower Screens and does not pass to the customer until payment is made in full. Notwithstanding the ownership in the goods remaining with Dixon’s Glass & Shower Screens until full payment is made, risk in the goods passes to the customer immediately upon delivery of the goods to the customer.

If you change your mind after the deposit has been made, the deposit is non-refundable.

Dixon’s Glass & Shower Screens or its representative, reserves the right to actively purse collection of outstanding amounts, and costs, if any, will be passed onto the account of the customer.

It is the customers responsibility to provide the location of pipes or electrical. In the instance of any unforseen damage whilst fitting, including any damage to tiles Dixon’s Glass & Shower Screens will take all care and no responsilbity.

Installation requirments include reasonable access to the site for installers to park & unload vechiles and tools on site. Dixons Glass & Shower Screens reserves the right to make amendements to this quotation should site access incur additional time due to site conditions.

Installation will be in standard working hours 7.30am – 2.30pm Monday to Friday. Should you require installation outside these hours additional costs will occur, price on application.

Dixons Glass & Shower Screens has the right to alter the agreed installation date when events beyond their control make it necessary.

A deposit of 50% is required with the acceptance of the quotation. Payments can be made via cash, EFT or credit card. The order of glass will not take place until the deposit has been received. The outstanding balance must be paid either via cash on the day or EFT transfer prior to the installation.

Acceptance of Quotation

By paying the deposit you are agreeing that you have read and understanding the scope of works, price and terms of payment.


Dixons Glass & Shower Screens warrants to the purchaser of products manufactured and installed by Dixons Glass & Shower Screens that they will be free from defects under conditions of normal use for a period of 24 months from the date of installation or supply. The warranty takes into account industry standards and tolerances. Products not manufactured by Dixons Glass & Shower screens will have their own warranty cover. This warranty does not cover defects or damage caused by matters outside of the control of Dixons Glass & Shower Screens, including (without limitation) accident, alteration of the product in any way, fire, abuse, misuse, wear and tear or failure to following our instructions with respect to cleaning and maintenance. The obligation under this warrant is limited to repair or replacement of the product or components found to be defective by Dixons Glass & Shower Screens or duly appointed representatives. Under this warranty Dixons Glass & Shower Screens shall not be liable or responsible for incidental or consequential damages or for any other direct or indirect damage, loss, cost, expense or fee.

The following are NOT warranty items

  • Damage to glass
  • Glass breakage
  • Cracked, chipped or broken tiles
  • Damage to water pipes
  • Damage to any sealing agent on any surface
  • Damage to walls, floors or coverings
  • Water escaping due to wet seal issues
  • Water escaping due to gaps in glass and/or metal
  • Dropping/sagging of doors due to wall, floor or building movement
  • Dropping of doors due to non maintenance (please refer to our recommended care and maintenance guidelines)
  • Inappropriate cleaning (please refer to our recommended care and maintenance guidelines)
  • Mildew build up, the effects of lime scale and corrosion
  • Bowing in glass (tolerance allowed up to 1500mm / 6mm = 1mm bow every 350mm, 10/12mm = 1mm bow every 40mm)
  • Gaps between glass (tolerance allowed up 6mm +- 2.0mm up to 15mm +-3.0mm)
  • Squareness (tolerance allowed – Difference in diagonals of 5mm max. for panels with the largest dimension less than 1200. Difference in diagonals of 10mm max. for panels with largest dimensions greater than 1200mm)
  • Warranty is not transferable in cases where the product is reinstalled in subsequent locations

Dixons Glass & Shower Screens will take all care when manufacturing and installing products but will accept no responsibility for any of the above issues.

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